Artist: 16B
Title: The Game
Label: Hooj Choons
By: Simon Jones | 23 March 2002
  • A: Omid's Main Mix
  • B: Marcelo Castelli Tribal Deep Mix
  • C: Omid's Acid Dub
  • D: Tony Thomas Mix

16B "The Game"

Out Now on Hooj Choons

Omid Nourizadeh, aka 16B is one of the most well known and respected producers in the business and is one of Hooj's flagship producers, having released many productions for the label in the past, most recently the excellent Escape (Driving To Heaven).

Now he returns with a brand new production entitled The Game, another double disc helping of Omid magic.

Disc One gives us the Main Mix, a tough deep workout, utilising trademark Omid sounds and his slick production to deliver a dark acidic feel, with a vocal hook that growls and rolls over the rough techy soundscape. Uruguay's Marcelo Castelli on the other hand, sprinkles in some dark drums amongst the original bassline to give the track a sinister tribal feel.

Disc Two meanwhile has Omid's Acid Dub, and when you hear it you will be able to tell where the name came from, an acid riff that weaves subtly in and out of the eerie synths, twisting and turning wildly into the break and then hits you in the face with a tough groove that melts seamlessly into the deep bassline. Finally, the excellent Tony Thomas (of Red Moon and The Producers fame) strips the track down to its percussion line, reworking it into a massive peak time techy interpretation that you just have to place on the decks and hammer the crap out of.

Disc Two has by far the superior mixes, but the package is an all round tight package, but then again we have come to expect that from Hooj havent we.

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