Artist: 16B
Title: Escape
Label: Hooj Choons
By: Chad Harnish | 13 June 2002
  • A: Full Vocal Mix
  • B: Original Instrumental
  • C: Francisco Savier Mix
  • D: Dark Dub

16B "Escape"

Out Now on Hooj Choons

"I'm driving to heaven, and there's no way back home"

Omid Nourizadeh, better known as 16B, delivers a euphoric track coming out on Hooj. Apparently, this track started out solely as an instrumental about a year ago, but ended up with Omid collaborating with Morel who wrote and performed the lyrics for the track.

'Omid's Full Vocal Mix' - Deep whispery male vocals performed by Morel lay over a smooth bass line with atmospheric guitarish effects sprinkled throughout. This cut is very melodic and soulful and I promise you, the bass line will get your booty grooving.

'Omid's Original Instrumental' - The same as the vocal mix, but needless to say, without the vocals. It really brings out the beautifully euphoric melody. Think Way Out West meets James Holden.

'Francisco Savier's Mix' - With a Timo Maas style percussion and an airy atmosphere, Savier delivers a dark rendition of 'Escape'. A deep growling bassline punches through with a damn catchy guitar riff and the vocals are given the dark sinister treatment

'Omid's Dark Dub' - A driving, muffled drumtrack emerges from the deep into choppy snippets of the vocal accompanied with an ominous trancy ambience. Definitely the darkest of the mixes, this cut stirs the darkest parts of your soul while motivating you to the dancefloor.

Looking forward, expect a remix by 16B of John Creamer & Stephane K's - 'Wish You Were Here'

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