Artist: 16B
Title: Inbetween Your Choice / Ignas Fav
Label: Sexonwax Recordings
By: Simon Jones | 18 February 2004
  • A: Inbetween Your Choice (2003 Mix)
  • B: Ignas Fav

16B "Inbetween Your Choice / Ignas Fav"

Out Now on Sexonwax Recordings

'Inbetween Your Choice' made it's debut on 16B's second artist album 'How To Live 100 Years' back in 2002, becoming a favourite of many, and heralded as being one of the standout tracks on the album, with hopes for a single release seemingly dashed when Hooj closed it doors. However the good news is that Omid has decided to release the track on Sex On Wax, and he's even updated it to boot!

The '2003 Mix' retains the deep melody and bassline of the original, placing them over a smooth deep house groove. Solid hooks drive things forward, with some superb techy filters rising though from the bottom end. Killer funky bass and warm melodies do the damage here, as this update takes the track from warm up territory right into the peal time of a set, whilst affecting the dancefloor in exactly the same way.

'Ignas Fav' is a new track over on the flip, that's part DJ tool and part dancefloor bomb. Based around driving rhythm percussion, melodies are faded in and out over the top as rumbling beats vibrate over the top. The further it moves, the deeper it gets, and when it hits it's peak watch the dancefloor bounce as this quirky number reveals it's secret.

Another quality release from this small imprint, constantly proving it's worth with the DJ support each and every release gets, and with every release offering something different whilst retaining that common dedication to house, and this is no exception.

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