Artist: 16B
Title: Doubt (Disc Two)
Label: Hooj Choons
By: Simon Jones | 11 March 2003
  • A1: The Danmass Mix
  • A2: Brooks' Slickquickfix Mix
  • B1: Original Instrumental

16B "Doubt (Disc Two)"

Out Now on Hooj Choons

Whenever Hooj put out a release, you can guarantee that the remixes they comission will always have one surprise amongst them. Normally a name you may not be familar that blows your mind, or a producer you don't particularly rate who turns in a stunning mix. This seems to be even more of an occurance whenever 16B puts out a single on Hooj, with Omid and the Hooj bods always selecting remixers who may not be in the spotlight, but are normally doing great things in the spotlight, or right on the brink of blowing up. Doubt is no different. Just check out these superb 'alternative' remixes.

First up to prove their worth is the duo of Mr Dan and Massimo who turn in a slow burning remix as 'Danmass', with the duo having released material on labels such as Headzone and Dust 2 Dust previously. This remix shows their combined talent with a deep and shimmering house rework, warm synths and soft rolling beats falling together like vines wrapping themselves around each other, and is a superb tribute to the original yet different enough to take the track to the those who like things a bit more on the techy side of house.

Brooks on the other hand takes off the kid gloves and turns in an electro mix of heads down proportions, his blend of cut up beats and grooves working in tandem to create a mix that will penetrate your mind in the darkness of the floor inbetween midnight and morning. You have been warned. Omid's Instrumental version backs up this mix to finish up the package.

Once again Hooj bring some mixes which are not only superb, but will no doubt educate some people to the talents of Brooks and Danmass. Maybe they should change that slogan from 'occasional providers' to 'providers' now.

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