Artist: 16 Bit Lolitas
Title: Martian Ambassador / Allright
Label: Lowriders Recordings
By: Simon Jones | 10 September 2004
  • A: Martian Ambassador
  • B: Allright

16 Bit Lolitas "Martian Ambassador / Allright"

Out Now on Lowriders Recordings

The 16 Bit Lolitas have really come into their own in the last few months. After debuting on Extrema Records, they've gone on to appear on labels such as Yoshitoshi and Alternative Route, and are currently working towards an multi-track EP for Deep Records, which will mark their second release on the label. Indeed, the trio of Peter Kriek, Ariaan Olieroock and Patrick Willer are on the verge of great things, and this new two tracker for Matthew Dekay & Nick K's Lowriders label is the next chapter in their story.

'Martian Ambassador' is a no nonsense acid influenced house track with a difference. From the hypnotic beats that lead in, through to the quirky but effective vocal hook, not to mention the solid rolling groove and big sweeps and what we have here is a fantastic late night track that cause chaos on the dancefloor. The mental breakdown is quite unlike anything you may have heard before, and when it hits, it will feel like you're right in the midst of an invasion from outer space.

'Allright' is another big track, but forges its own niche with some excellent percussive rhythms and a killer bassline. Big airey sounds provide the backdrop for an array of driving synths and a dreamy vocal hook that sounds absolutely fantastic as it rides over and under the the pounding bassline, making this a different but equally as effective compliment to it's a-side counterpart.

As this label develops, it's become one of the most diverse and innovative in the scene, and with many many releases lined up for the rest of 2004 and well into 2005, it's safe to say Lowriders will be cruising it's way to the top of the pile very soon indeed.

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