Artist: 16 Bit Lolitas
Title: Hope 2 / Drifter
Label: Nu Republic
By: Jason Calvert | 14 October 2005
  • A: Hope 2
  • B: Drifter

16 Bit Lolitas "Hope 2 / Drifter"

Out Now on Nu Republic

Over the past couple of years, Ariaan Olieroock and Peter Kriek have composed a number of hot tracks gaining them some well deserved attention, and receiving play from many big names across the globe. Their reputation has been further enhanced by an excellent live show, which if given the chance to see, should definitely not be passed up. The two tracks presented here are both extremely hot, and "Drifter" in particular is one of their most refined works to date.

"Hope 2" is a very unique opener for this release, and the path from beginning to end is certainly one which any listener will get bored with. It interestingly sets up a tight bassline, which then actually warps into the melody line for certain movements, before returning to a bassline form. This adds an interesting twist to the track which certainly caught my attention. The bassline has a groove to it which has an element of funky vibe to it, whilst still remaining progressive with a darker rhythm section. This then warps into a smooth melody line, which although may not be a dancefloor crusher, certainly would serve as a great tool to warm the crowd up with.

"Drifter" is my personal pick of the two tracks, and this is mainly due to its extremely tight production, and it's ability to remain cohesive whilst contrasting an acoustic melody with a progressive breaks style backing. The guitar lines are quite blissful, and surround the track with a positive aura, giving it instant appeal to fans of guitar melodies. The rhythm section is very tight, with punching breaks percussion and a bassline which actually has quite a bit of depth in itself alone! A truly outstanding piece of music from 16 Bit Lolitas.

Another highly impressive Nu Republic release, re-stating their position as a label taking pride in both the quality and diversity of their releases. This release along with their stellar remix of Terry Grant's "Be My Guide" display that 16 Bit Lolitas are at the top of their game at the moment, and should be watched very closely.

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