Artist: 16 Bit Lolitas
Title: Destiny / Space Time
Label: Monofleur Records
By: Chloe Harris | 10 April 2006
  • A: Destiny
  • B: Space Time

16 Bit Lolitas "Destiny / Space Time"

Out Now on Monofleur Records

The second release on Oliver Lieb's Monofluer label is by Amsterdam heavyweights, the 16 Bit Lolitas. Ariaan Olieroock and Peter Kriek are hard at work in thier houseboat studio creating fantastic sounds for us to enjoy. Ranging from the trancy to the funky with releases out on Deep, Extrema and many others, but for Monofluer they have created thier own genre. The dirty and dark sounds of 'Destiny' keeps the floor glued while 'Space Time' reaches to new groovy heights.

'Destiny' starts in with 80's claps and a strong kick, while electronic lazer zaps and mechanical sounds create a cool percussive groove. A bit of distortion makes it all a bit dirty, while a slow building wobbly bassline breathes its way in the mix and steadily grows to engulf the tune. Hidden high keys touch into the background while filters eat up the bass, making room for the key's to explode into a peaking melody that chimes perfectly. A suble drop waits for the bassline to quivver back in, while the high keys sit back and lightly chime with the bass riding to the end.

On the flip, 'Space Time' is a progressive house floor groover. Claps and subtle human sounds build, while nice bubbles come in. A quick set up stops up to drop into a heavy throaty bassline. This is pure funk. If there is any tune that moves a floor, its this one. Toms and other drums are added for more depth, while clever key stabs touch down creating a swinging feel. Watery sounds and effects cover it all as it drops down into a mild break that only stops for a second and then sets off to do its business. This song is utterly amazing, and I encourage you to get down to it as soon as possible.

The 16 Bit Lolitas have come a long way with thier productions and have eased into so many different styles creating their own vision of what progressive music is all about.

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