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Satoshi Tomiie - ES-B

posted on May 31, 2005

Hot on the heels of the recently released 'ES' compilation, Satoshi Tomiie has already put his hand to the follow-up, 'ES-B'. Whereas 'ES' focused on the dark club sounds that Satoshi has championed for the last few years, 'ES-B' is a showcase of the deeper, more soulful and funky sounds that in some cases pass a nod way back to the early roots of Satoshi's career.

With the past few years having seen him launch the highly successful label SAW Recordings, create a stunning artist album in the form of 'Full Lick', in addition to mixing a Global Underground Nu Breed compilation and a label retrospective 'Undulation 1', 'ES-B' could be one of the essential soundtracks for the summer of 2005 that fans of his Cafe Mambo sets and music lovers in general will enjoy.