Luke Fair Mini Luke Fair - Bedrock Original Series : OS_0.

Luke Fair - Bedrock Original Series : OS_0.3

posted on May 16, 2005

Since it's launch in September, Bedrock's Original Series has strived to place the spotlight on those individuals who are redefining the face of dance music as we know it, be it through their production work, remixes, by the technology they use, or quite simply the way they perceive music and it's future in general.

Luke Fair's career as a producer needs no introduction, with a diverse range of tracks and remixes on every label from SAW Recordings to Yoshitoshi and last but by no means least, Bedrock. As an artist for the label, he recently produced a stellar 4 track EP, and now steps up to the plate with the third compilation in the Original Series. A review of the album and an interview with Luke will follow in the next days, but for now, check out the details on this latest volume in Bedrock's pioneering series.