Faithless Renaissance Presents 3D Faithless - Renaissance Presents: 3D

Faithless - Renaissance Presents: 3D

posted on May 22, 2006

The Renaissance '3D' series kicked off earlier this year with Satosh Tomiie at the helm. The triple disc concept covering not only the live and studio aspect of the compiler's career, but also their home listening influences gave us a deeper insight into the musical background and history of Satoshi Tomiie than ever before, and if you're talking about musical history and storied backgrounds, then Faithless without a doubt spring straight to mind. With a career spanning way back into the early 90s and prior collectively, Faithless are one of THE biggest acts in dance music, and the '3D' album will no doubt be a must for any music lover or fan who's grown up with their music over the last few years.