Dave Seaman Mini Dave Seaman - This Is Audiotherapy

Dave Seaman - This Is Audiotherapy

posted on August 31, 2005

Audio Therapy is five years old already and by way of celebration head honcho Dave Seaman has mixed together a compilation of exclusive new material and unreleased nuggets from the labels archives.

Featuring tracks and remixes from Kosmas Epsilon, Stel, Hybrid, Trafik, Highland and many others, 'This Is Audiotherapy' follows on from 'Across Borders : Greece' as the label's second album project, and once again the label shows commitment to the growing number of CD-DJs in addition to the vinyl purists with full unmixed tracks on the second cd and the accompanying vinyl samplers. For now, check out the details on this upcoming album, and watch out for a Dave Seaman interview and Audiotherapy label feature during September.