james zabiela alive James Zabiela - ALiVE Tracklist Announced

James Zabiela - ALiVE Tracklist Announced

posted on June 3, 2004

UK DJ/producer James Zabiela has begun the revolution on his new double-disc release, ALiVE - due out August 10, 2004 on Renaissance/System Recordings. Mixed live with three CDJ1000 MKIIs, a DJM600 mixer and an EFX500 effector unit, James is setting the standards that others will ultimately have to follow. The technologically-advanced approach to the mixing of this release is furthered by the CD’s 7-page liner notes, which give a technical breakdown of every track, every loop, every effect, and every “Eureka!” that went into forming this new release. The notes are even replete with tips and advice, and give very specific detail for any bedroom DJ or producer looking to learn from a master.