Steve Porter Porterhouse Steve Porter releases debut mix CD 'Porterhouse'

Steve Porter releases debut mix CD 'Porterhouse'

posted on February 8, 2006

Steve Porter is set to release his first-ever mix compilation 'Porterhouse' with 26 tracks melded together on 1xCD in his signature genre-defying, pulsating, energetic Porterhouse style. The album merges his DJing and production style with 9 of his own original tracks further blurring the distinction between DJ and producer into one compelling artist to watch. The album features tracks from Eli Wilkie, Emjae, and Chris Reavey, as well as emerging artists Bons, Hush, Musky, Aaryn Blain, Chris Micali, Jonathan Hart, and the Island 9 crew, and four of Steve's original tracks will also be released to accompany the album upon its release in late February in the US and on April 18th in the UK.