Introducing...Justin Steel,
mixing a new [PS] Progressive-Sound's series.

Justin Steel Introducing...Justin Steel <br>mixing a new [PS] Progressive-Sound's series.

There's a stigma often attached to people who've been involved in dance music for a long time in that after a number of years they become quite jaded and rarely get excited about the music and clubs or, for the most part, the DJs associated with it. As someone who's been involved in this erratic scene, primarily as a reviewer, I've been more then guilty of this attitude at some point in time, sometimes without even realising it. As the years have gone by, ve become less and less dazzled by the concept of the "DJ" and the whole idea of the DJ being a God is well and truly over for me. You lot are human, just like me. So reaching the stage where I think I've heard all the DJs I need to hear therefore I've heard it all before, you would think that there was nothing left to surprise me. Well, I couldn't be more wrong.