3Beat Digital The Digital Evolution Of 3Beat

The Digital Evolution Of 3Beat

posted on July 6, 2004

'As the revolution ends, the evolution begins..'. An apt quote indeed with the major changes currently ongoing within the music industry with the advent of legal digital downloads becoming a commonplace thing, with companies like Beatport, EDM Digital, Release Records and City16 all offering their own services. Now 3Beat has expanded it's operations and launched it's own platform where you can buy all the latest 3BLM releases, which include tracks on labels such as Border Community, Looq, Deep Records and many many more. We took some time out and spoke to Andy Jarrod, the man who runs the label management group and largely responsible for the parent company's foray into the digital world, about what we can expecf from the service, its plans for expansion and much more in this exclusive feature. Read on for the lowdown.