BT & Mara | BT tests Mara's (Sheffield) Steel

Choo Choos Mara have joined Peter Gabriel, Way Out West and The Roots as they have all collaborated with one time epic-Houser Brian Transeau (aka BT) for his fourth album.

Interrupted by a phone call from Brians management during a long studio session working on their upcoming remix of Dino Lennys I Feel Stereo, Barry Gilbey and Sara Whittaker-Gilbey of Mara were told that Brian wanted to work with them as he had been following their music for some time.

Of the collaboration, Sara Whittaker-Gilbey said, its really exciting to be working with such a good producer, particularly as were really happy with what were doing at the moment and its wicked that someone has actually noticed!.

Brian spent four days working with the duo in their Devils Kitchen studio in Sheffield but during the sessions Brians studio in LA was broken into and his album material was stolen along with a large amount of studio equipment.

No details of the track are available, and the Choo Choo camp are remaining tight lipped about it, other than when asked Barry Gilbey stated that its a break beat track and that the shit with Brians studio made things really hard for him during the week, I just hope it gets sorted for him.

Keep an eye on for further information on the track.